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The Walking Dead Season 7 (2016)


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Pasang Iklan
Pasang Iklan
Description 7 months
The Walking Dead Season 7 (2016)


Release: 2016

IMDB: 8.6

Director: Greg Nicotero

Cast: Negan's victim is revealed to be Abraham, who is beaten violently to death in front of Rick's group. Daryl punches Negan out of anger, prompting him to kill Glenn as well. Negan then takes Rick into the van and drives to a foggy area full of walkers, where he tests Rick's resolve by forcing him to fetch his hatchet outside the van. Upon returning, Negan tests Rick once more by forcing him to cut off Carl's arm, but stops him once he sees Rick's eyes showing his broken spirit. Negan and his crew then leave, while taking Daryl hostage, leaving Rick and his crew behind to deal with the aftermath.


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